Tuna and Oloroso sherry: the simple things can be the most satisfying.

One of the most wonderful things about sherry wine is its flexibility to pair with a universe of flavors. You can experience the nuances of these wines paired with even the simplest of foods – no need to go to the hottest restaurant in town. To enhance the taste of whatever you eat give sherry a try, it will not disappoint.

A Home-Cooked Meal

For today, the hottest restaurant in town is my own home, with yours truly as the iron chef. Only this time, I decided to do something effortless yet delicious: canned Tuna.

I stopped by my local grocer and went for Wild Planet Albacore in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. First things first, chill the Tuna in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before pouring the content in a small bowl (important: pour all). Add Spanish pimentón, dried parsley, and coarse salt. I pulled out my Oloroso Don Nuño which I kept at 58 degrees Fahrenheit and served it in a white wine glass. This temperature is perfect for enjoying a glass of Oloroso during fall but when you reminisce about the summertime.

It is extraordinary to partake in an enjoyable meal, especially when it is as quick and easy to make as this. I can’t remember a more pleasant meal (or maybe I do have faint recollections of some creamy cheeses with sweet German Riesling). Yet sherry always delivers by enhancing flavors and luring you into the next morsel, no matter how complex or simple the meal is. It disappeared in record time off my plate, the tuna and sherry complement each other in perfect synergy.

Many times life is awesome with very little effort!



  • Soup plate
  • Medium-size spoon and fork
  • White-wine glass


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