Nuttin’ goes better with peanut butter than Sherry!

In honor of our inaugural post, it is our great pleasure to jumpstart this blog with an homage to everyone’s favorite spread–PEANUT BUTTER! Now, I know you’re thinking “This guy is Nuts!” but others might call it…genius- you decide! 

My wife and I tried this combination for brunch recently and concluded that it would be a regular feature. “Why would we ever drink milk again?”

The thick and gooey texture of peanut butter along with Lustau’s Cream Superior was splendid coupling. Clean aromas, intense flavors and a fun texture along with an expressed balance of sugar and salt, this pairing was a slam-dunk! In full disclosure, it is important to consider the ratios here. While we worked out that roughly ½ oz of wine pairs well with a single teaspoon of peanut butter, it is worth playing around with (see pairing measurements below), as it is easy to throw off the balance between both of these extremely flavorful selections. The rich textures are amplified by a salty and sweet contrast. The match reaches its intense sensory peak within the first 4-5 seconds, and finishes with the consummation of this delightful couple’s marriage.       

The Trader Joe’s brand “no stir” peanut butter spread that we selected is made without high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils and tastes great on whole wheat bread. Next time I’m definitely going to try ‘Ants on a log’. 

As far as the wine selection, most people still think of sherry as the sweet wine that only their grandmothers drink and are unaware of the range of styles that Sherry presents, both sweet and dry. Nevertheless, granny would be thrilled with our choice. The Rare Cream sherry was selected because it is luscious and sweet. Aged in American oak casks for approximately 12 years- yes, twelve! The result is a very complex wine with aromas of fig, roasted nuts and spices.

Since fortune favors the bold, the next time you are in the grocery store thinking “what am I missing”, head on over the sherry selection because, milk is for babies!

Pairing measurements:

-A single teaspoon of peanut butter will do the trick.

-Pour 2 ounces of sherry in a white wine glass.

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