Join us for a deeper specialized knowledge about the region, sherry, and manzanilla de Sanlúcar appellations and the factors that shape their uniqueness and vast diversity.

CSWS® was created by The House of Lustau 5 years ago, with the support of the Sherry Regulatory Council to guarantee a program of exceptional level of content, accuracy, and with academic rigor that has benefited the wine industry professional searching for an in-depth sherry education. Now this valuable program goes digital to bring its wealth of information directly to you.

Online Learning: Get the Certified Sherry Wine Specialist (CSWS®) via a 1-week instructor-led study program with 2 live review webinars.

The Certified Sherry Wine Specialist includes:

A downloadable Study Manual for your digital device that includes 8 modules, and 2 live webinars (instructor led) plus the online exam (50 multiple choice questions) and live guided tasting. Passing score is  75%.

  • Tasting of 6 Lustau sherry wines (part of the 2nd webinar. Wines need to be purchased separately and are required for the exam). Learn more about the Lustau sherry experience here
  • Live webinars with Lucas Payá, The House of Lustau educator. First webinar (2 hours): theory
    Second webinar (2 hours): tasting + exam
  • Meet Lucas, a world class somm
  • Access to the personalized online concierge service with Lucas Payá for 1 year.
  • Downloadable materials to boost your knowledge: Map, infographic, quick tips and suggestions, practical guides, etc.
  • Pronunciation exercises to boost your credibility.
  • Digital kit for use of your earned CSWS® title (only students passing exam); optional professional designation for signature block and cards (digital and printed formats)
  • CSWS® highest scoring participants will have an opportunity to be selected to one of only two honorary seats reserved annually by Cesar Saldaña (President of the Sherry Regulatory Council) to the Sherry Educator course in Jerez, Spain.

The CSWS® program is the most comprehensive certification course on sherry wines.

The course provides committed students of wine with an unparalleled set of study tools designed to maximize learning and boost knowledge retention. The wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exam are awarded the CSWS® credential granting them an established international recognition (Ex: John Smith, CSWS) as a sherry wines specialist.

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Lucas is an independent consultant and ambassador working in collaboration with several world-class firms dedicated to wine, beverage, and culinary culture. Early in his professional career, Lucas joined in 2002 elBulli restaurant to lead the sommelier team working for 5 years under the direction and leadership of acclaimed chef Ferran Adrià and partner Juli Soler, who dramatically shaped his understanding of the artistry in gastronomy, wine and service. 


His experience at elBulli was the perfect segway into his time as wine & beverage director for José Andrés ThinkFoodGroup (TFG), where he oversaw the wine and beverage programs for all fifteen TFG restaurants in the US and internationally. Over the two years following the end of his work with TFG, Lucas spearheaded the launch of Coravin in Spain.

In 2016, Lucas was appointed House of Lustau U.S. National Brand Educator to create the Certified Sherry Wine Specialist program (CSWS®) in conjunction with the Sherry Regulatory Council. Since 2017, the CSWS courses have educated more than 3,500 people across the US and Canada. Lucas has been instrumental in educating both consumers and the trade on the versatility of the region and Lustau’s full range of premium sherries. He holds a Diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust; he is a member of the prestigious L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne and a Certified Sherry Educator.

Get your sherries now and start enjoying the experience!

Unbox the sherry experirence

Designed to give you a full immersion on the versatility of sherry wines. The styles and wines were picked by The House of Lustau educator, Lucas Payá, and vetted by the Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) to allow students a comprehensive knowledge of the variety of styles focusing on the diversity of the Sherry triangle region.

The sherry experience in a box is meant to keep your fluency with these unique wines fresh even after the course. The pack of the same 6 wines tasted during the CSWS program guarantee students they will have the opportunity to repeat and reinforce the sensory learning or to simply enjoy them. We encourage you to apply knowledge and ideas bringing sherry into your everyday wine experience.

Learn more about your wine pack here and start the experience!

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