Peace, Good Will, & Best Wishes For 2021 Exceptional Culinary Journeys!

We welcome 2021 with optimism keen on discovering together, with all our sherry loving friends and colleagues, the wonders of the year ahead.

César Saldaña, President of the Consejo Regulador de Jerez and a sage to the sherry world, shared a few encouraging words: 

“2021 comes full of projects and hopes for the Consejo Regulador and the Sherry regions as a whole. The “mostos” (young wines) from the 2020 vintage, which are traditionally classified in January, are showing exceptional quality and winter rainfall is again at normal levels, which is very good news after the very dry past two years. Global circumstances remain challenging, but there is clearly light at the end of the tunnel and the bodegas and growers in Jerez are full of energy and very much looking forward to a real come back to normal in the second part of the year.” (Let’s keep our fingers crossed)

Grateful for your ongoing support, the Lustau team is always here for you and invite you to recommend topics you would like for us to discuss more of this year!

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Howkins, one of the world’s foremost sherry wine experts and authors, on his recent book “Sherry, Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent!”

These words from Ben resonate tremendously with me at this time and may with you as well:

“We have had to use that often forgotten gift – common sense – in our daily lives and as a result I think we are being kinder to one another. Meanwhile, staying at home has enabled us to upgrade our cooking and drinking habits. With the hustle and bustle of life temporarily suspended, there is more time to really enjoy what we eat and drink. Sherry has benefited enormously from this, as the bottle, once opened, will last in perfection for days and weeks. I have virtually given up drinking white wine in preference to Fino or Manzanilla.”

You can read the full interview here.

Our friends at the Napa Valley Wine Academy will be speaking to Ben Howkins on February 6, 2020. Peter Marks, MW, will interview Ben as they taste several Lustau sherry wines! We invite all #sherrylovers to join us for this free webinar via the link below.

Optional tasting kits and Ben’s latest book will be available to purchase in advance of the event by January 26th and we are thrilled to offer a special discount for our Sherry Journey friends!

Please use code SHERRYBOOK to receive $5 off!

Join us as we unlock the sherry door that has been hiding away these extraordinary wines for too long and investigate how the many different styles of sherry apply to our modern lifestyle!

Click on the button below to register! We hope to see you there!


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