Old fashioned Sherry Cocktail: “Comme dans les Grandes Maisons”

By Jonas Kempeneers

Jonas is a Belgian bartender-forager with over a decade of international experience in Asia, Europe, and North America. Inspired by anything with food and flavor, he has traveled around the world chasing new ingredients. With his new project Neighbourhood Foraging, his colleague Andrea Marseglia and he look to educate the bartending industry on foraging local flora & fungi, within the realm of mixology. 

Old fashioned sherry cocktail with a twist – “Comme dans les Grandes Maisons”

His Sherry cocktail “Comme dans les Grandes Maisons” is a refined twist on the Old Fashioned using a base of Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos sherry and wild mushroom infused Cognac. Balanced with Walnut Amaro, this round & nutty sipper aims to bring the culinary experience of the sherry to your glass.

Cocktail Recipe

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