Coming Together with Sherry, A Conversation About Food and Virtual Reality with Jenny Dorsey

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing every aspect of life as we know it, Sherry Journey is evolving to continue to bring the Lustau experience into your home while still respecting the ongoing need for social distancing. Lustau has taken to the digital space to bring interactive and educational content to sherry lovers all over the world, and as we make these important changes, we wanted to talk to other industry professionals about their similar experiences. We brought our virtual journey to Los Angeles to talk with Jenny Dorsey, professional chef, food writer, and founder of Studio ATAO. Studio ATAO (which stands for All Together at Once) is a nonprofit immersive events company specializing in events that combine food, art, and social impact – and incorporating Virtual Reality into the experience.


In our live stream, Jenny made a fantastic and unexpected dish to pair with Lustau’s Amontillado Los Arcos and shared profound insight into how the world of virtual reality is changing during the pandemic.

While Jenny crafted a pizza to pair perfectly with our sherry, I asked about her experience with virtual reality through Studio ATAO, and how she felt the VR industry was changing during the pandemic.

“I think that people realize you can have connection virtually, because they’re forced to,” she explained. “Virtually I can not only connect and talk to someone over Facetime, but I can draw out emotion.”

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Prior to our chat, I sent Jenny a bottle of Amontillado Los Arcos, and after tasting it she noted its superb versatility. This flexibility in pairing opportunities played a significant part when selecting ingredients for the pizza, and she introduced unique flavors that are typically difficult to pair, such as anchovies.

“My way of going about this sort of challenge is tasting the wine and seeing: what am I tasting in the wine? And what do I want to compliment versus what I want to contrast?” she explained.

This thought process goes into every pairing of Lustau, and Jenny’s delicate observations make all the difference when the final dish is enjoyed with our selection of sherry. As she finished cooking, I took some time to share the intricate process behind the Amontillado Los Arcos, specifically the two traditional methods of aging that it experiences in Jerez. Starting like a Fino, it ages under a layer of flor yeast for four or five years before being exposed to oxygen for a second aging period. This process results in a sherry that can be enjoyed alongside a wide variety of international cuisine, including Jenny’s delicious pizza. The subtle sweetness of artichokes accentuates the sweetness of the sherry, while the umami elements of the dish bring out the wine’s depth. Highlighting the best qualities of each other, Jenny’s pizza and Amontillado Los Arcos make a perfect pair!


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